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Privacy Policy/ Terms of Service

Manna Foundation – June 9, 2022


Welcome to Manna Foundation!

Found on the most basic moral principles of “Do unto others as you would want others to do unto you” – The Golden Rule and “In God, all things are possible”! The Manna Foundation is a private bank & foundation functioning solely on financial and resource donations from We the People. To help and aid people in distress, disaster zones or wanting to better their communities through beneficial ingenuity. Though a private foundation, Manna Foundation will function with fully transparent public records to demonstrate the true meaning of altruism and charity. Altruistic charity is given freely, without fame or financial reward. The only reward is knowing you helped another person. Donors’ names and private information will be excluded from all publicly available financial, resource and distribution reports. is a free-to-use website to highlight the Peoples actions, activities in supporting one another. This site will act as a public portal for those seeking to make financial or resource donations to the foundation. A portion of this site will be sectioned off for donors only. This section will be to connect with the foundation and other donors.

Who May Use the Service?

Anyone, in any country, may contribute or donate using this website free-of-charge at all times.

Your Use of the Service is meant as a medium to convey new information and perspectives for a beneficial symbiotic relationship forged in commonality, communication, creation, learning, respect, teaching (not educating or violation of one’s will). The one and only thing we ask is to be respectful to one another and the mission of this foundation. Basically, be constructive not destructive adding to your own and others experience.

Your Content and Conduct

Users who donate to this website. Your privacy is of the upmost importance to us here at the bank & foundation. Though we maintain one set of transparent books available to donor/ members and authorized officials by request ONLY. Your privacy is top priority at all times. The bank and foundation are PRIVATE not PUBLIC.

About Software in the Service

Manna Foundation uses Wix as their chosen means of publishing their respective website. Wix provides a diverse/ robust set of features, tools to produce and host websites for a fee. Other than the yearly fee for publishing Wix does employ cookies, signup features and other means to collect data; that Manna Foundation do not use, except basic site visitor info and sectioned off donor partition.



Manna Foundation including all current and future ASSOCIATED Contributors and Entities

LAWFUL NOTICE about COPYRIGHTED MATERIALS. Manna Foundation Website, Owner(s)/ Manager(s), Contributor(s) do not claim/ imply ownership of any copyrighted materials (Including but not limited to images, artwork, brands, people, videos, services, etc...) used on their website(s), article(s), or video production(s). All appropriate accreditation/ citations will be applied, AS NECESSARY, but UNC and its assignees do not claim/ imply, in anyway, ownership(s) or copyright claim(s) of such materials.

All materials are used purely for educational and/ or news presentations through any medium(s) IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN for PUBLIC RETORT/ COMMENTARY/ COMMUNICATION and All OTHER LAWFUL USE(S) in any format, as applicable under all DOMESTIC AND INTERNATIONAL LAWFUL, not LEGAL, STRUCTURE(S) of any and all sovereign COUNTRIES and INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS.

These TERMS and CONDITIONS apply irrespective of where this site(s) and its content(s) are viewed and/ or shared in a lawful way as a means of communication and are specifically intended to provide a truthful and educational news outlet for anyone who wishes to participate.

Our intent is to ALWAYS uphold free will. If Our Content/Contributors, Do Not Resonate, You Are Free to Go in Peace

Any and all attempts to harass, de-platform, or cancel the foundation or donors, and/or any associates/affiliates based upon personal or any other disagreement by any paid and non-paid agitator/s will result in the full weight of Universal/Natural/God’s (Source/Creator of all in sundry) consequences through lawful retort, cease and desist notification, conditional acceptance and lien process if needed.

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